The Team

Louise Mahony

Louise Mahony is the general manager of The Reddoor project for the last ten years, she has over twenty years’ experience in addiction services. Louise has worked in addiction in both residential and day-care units. Louise began her career in general nursing she also has a diploma in supervision and a diploma in addiction studies from Trinity College Dublin.

As one of the co-founders of the Red Door project in 2010 she has been involved in addiction services and is an advocate for funding and supporting families and people who are effected by addiction. Louise is passionate about health equality and supporting the marginalised in the community.

Louise’s role as the general, manager is to ensure that the staff and clients are welcomed and supported and that their experience is a positive one from the beginning.

Louise enjoys eating out, going to the cinema, spending time with her family and friends and singing in a choir, she loves a cup of tea and a good chat and can be found in the drop in centre on a daily basis.

Joanne O’Dwyer
Community Employment Supervisor

Joanne O’ Dwyer is one of the Community Employment Supervisors on the Special rehabilitation day programme in the Red Door. Joanne has 10 years’ experience working in the addiction / recovery sector, having previously worked in Stanhope St alcohol treatment centre as an addiction counsellor and in the woman and children’ unit of  Coolmine Therapeutic Community in Dublin. The primary focus of her work would be in Harm reduction.

Joanne is also an accredited & registered Counsellor/ psychotherapist with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. At present Joanne is  the process of completing a Masters in addiction recovery in Trinity College Dublin.  Joanne has both professional and personal experience in this field, and is now in recovery over 10 years from heroin addiction.  In her 4 years at the Red door Joanne has been an integral part of driving the programme to the success it is today. Joanne is the family Support Counsellor in the Red Door and is also a qualified gym instructor, where she can be found putting the participants through their paces in our new gym. She is a single parent and lives with her son, she enjoys keeping fit, singing and playing ukulele(badly) in her spare time.

Pio Smith
Community Employment Supervisor

Pio is a Community Employment Supervisor with the Red Door Project and has extensive experience in work related training and education. Also, Pio has a Level 6 qualification in Training Needs Identification and Design. An important part of his work is preparing participants for the world of work and he enjoys exploring with participants their likes, hobbies and interests and matching these with appropriate education and training.

Pio has obtained a Level 9 Masters in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, a Level 8 Degree in Psychology and a Level 9 Post Grad Diploma in Personal and Management Coaching. Also, Pio is registered with the British Psychological Society have fulfilled the requirements for the BPS qualifications in Occupational Testing Test User Ability and Personality Testing

Evelyn Grainger
Assistant Community Employment Supervisor

Evelyn is a member of the Reddoor project team since 2013.Evelyn is a qualified accounts technician with over twenty years’ experience, her role as a CE assistant supervisor involves the management and support of over thirty CE program participants.

On arrival all new participants will go through the induction process, and program contracts with Evelyn.

Evelyn implements and creates the work schedule, she organises workshops, outside education programs and in house projects.

Evelyn manages the staffing and materials for all projects and ensures that that they are delivered to dead line and are in the allocated budget. Evelyn is responsible for the finances and is in charge of pay roll and internal and external audits.

Outside the Red door Evelyn loves to cook good food, go walking with friends and family and she like to relax with a good book.

Margaret Dorian


I am part of the team at The Red Door Project since 2013.  I am responsible for the day-to-day administration at The Red Door Project,  I’m the person who dots the i’s and crosses the t’s to make sure everything runs smoothly!  In my spare time I enjoy singing with Voices of the Boyne Choir and taxiing my two boys around the country!

Maria Murtagh

Drugs Court project worker

Maria has been a part of the Reddoor team since 2015.

Maria’s role as a Project worker means she is the first point of contact for new participants at the Reddoor project.
Maria also manages the HIV clinic and is the designated key worker for drugs court.
Maria has achieved a BA Hons in counselling and addiction studies.
She has a level 7 in community drugs and alcohol.
At the present Maria is working towards her accreditation with the addiction council of Ireland.
Maria enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family and friends and if you enjoy silly jokes Maria is your girl.

Ollie Smyth

Project Worker

Ollie has been part of the Reddoor project team since 2013.Ollie has witnessed the organisations growth from strength to strength and feels very proud to be part of its success from its days at Stockwell street to the current location on the Dublin road.

Ollie is a project worker and primarily works in the drop in centre part of the organisation. Ollie will be one of the first points of contact for our service users. Ollie is the Needle exchange program lead and is responsible for the delivery of the harm reduction program in our service. Ollie facilitates Reduce the use programs held in our service throughout the year.

Ollie achieved a BA in level 8 ,7 and 5 in addiction studies, a level 6 in Mental health awareness and a level 6 in management in human services and is a community reinforcement approach therapist. Ollie is entering his final year of a Degree in Integrative counselling and will graduate in 2024.

Ollie is married with two children, he loves football and enjoys running to keep fit and distress.

Orla Walsh

Project worker

Orla has worked in The Reddoor project since Sep 2019.In that time Orla has worked as a support worker in the CE program until Sep 2022.At present Orla is a project worker and also delivers the Seeking safety program for the north east region and facilitates women’s groups weekly. Orla is a trained drama teacher and over the years she has directed and produced numerous productions with the staff and clients. Orla holds a BA in Media studies, a masters in Drama in education, a level 7 in addiction studies .Orla is also trained in the needle exchange provision in our service. Throughout her career Orla is passionate about working with people and building relationships to help support people to reach their goals.

Orla is a mum of two teenagers and two dogs Ozzy and Harvey, she enjoys beach walks with the dogs and coffee and chats  with friends.