The Red Door Project (formly known as Louth Community Drug and Alcohol Team), was founded in 2009 following growing concerns of the affect of drug and alcohol use within the local community. Orginally, the service operated out of a small building on Stockwell Street, comprising of four ordinary sized rooms. The Red Door Project got up and running practically by word of mouth, without any advertising or public face and works in conjuction with The North East Region Drugs Task Force and The Health Service Excutive.

The services provided initally were a drop in service, key working, group work sessions and various interagency work. The numbers accessing The Red Door Project continously increased over a number of years and the service out grew the premises on Stockwell Street.

In 2013, The Red Door Project set up a special Rehabiltaion Community Employment Programme. The Programme is aimed for individuals who are in recovery from drug and alcohol use and offeres practicial work expierence, training and education opportunites.

In early 2015, The Red Door Project embarked on a new beginning, by moving into a new premises in St. Mary’s Convent School on the Dublin Road in Drogheda. The use of the building was generously given to the service by Sister Ann Brady and The Sisters of Mercy. The new vast premises, which was renovated by the Probation Service has enabled The Red Door Project to significantly consolidate and develop it’s work in responding to the needs of individuals, families and those affected by drug and alcohol use in our community.

The Red Door Project continues to provide a drop in service three days a week, but now in a much larger and suitable area. The number of clients accessing key working has also increased and we have access to numerous comfortable key working rooms and group work rooms. The Red Door Project’s CE Programme, has also gone gone from strength to strength, has grown vastly with increased numbers and excellent facilities, since its inception on 2013.